Scars / Acne Scars

Key facts about scar treatments
We can permanently improve some aspects of the scarring, but not all - typically 50-75% improvement can be achieved.

Post treatment and during the course you are required to use SPF 30 sun protection to protect the skin during the healing changes.
In addition, for the best long lasting effect, the dermis should be treated with non-ablative deep dermal heating, which leads to collagen remodelling and the reduction of scars.

We cannot treat acne scars while your acne is active, but during these periods we can help you manage your active acne and reduce further scarring.

The Classes of Acne

Class 1 - Mild Acne “Occasional Break Outs”

Class 2 - Mild to Moderate Acne “Always Breaks Out Somewhere”

Class 3 - Moderate to Severe Acne “Break Outs All Over”

Class 4 - Severe Acne “Pustular and Cystic”


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