Body Piercing Experts
If you want to accentuate a particular part of your body, we can help. Our body piercing at SHEER Medical Laser and Aesthetics is safe and effective. Our qualified staff will ensure you get excellent results with minimum hassle.

Safe and convenient

At SHEER Medical Laser and Aesthetics, we have a contemporary piercing practice that emphasises the use of safe body piercing materials. Since body piercing is an invasive procedure, we use specialised tools developed for the purpose of each piercing.

We always use sanitised and sterilised materials to eliminate any allergic reactions, infections, scarring and any unanticipated physical injuries and our piercer is fully qualified and insured. Treatments are done in a private room, so you are in safe hands. Talk to our experts if you need more information. We are located centrally in Riverview, NB.

Piercing Services & Areas:
  • Ears
  • Nose


To Book an Appointment, call (506) 386-1313 or email us at External link opens in new tab or windowinfo@sheermedicallaser.com